Why should the air spring be used for shock absorption?

When it comes to the word “shock absorption”, we believe we are all familiar with it, especially in the automotive industry. The shock absorber or air bag is an indispensable part of the auto parts. In order to make the car more smooth and comfortable in the course of driving, of course, some industrial equipment also needs to take shock absorption. Some people may ask why air springs are used for damping instead of damping with leaf springs. This is undoubtedly because air springs are better than steel springs. It is well known that more and more countries use air springs, that is, air sac instead of the original steel spring. Where is the air spring better than the steel spring?

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In order to get a better understanding of the gap between them, we analyze the gap between the four aspects of comfort, economy, security and reliability.

First, comfort
Since the spring mass of the leaf spring suspension changes, the natural frequency of the vehicle system will change significantly, resulting in the overall comfort deviation. Because the air spring has typical nonlinear stiffness, it has obvious effect on vibration and impact. The experimental data show that in the same state, the vehicle using the air spring suspension system is 1/3 to 1/2 less than that of the vehicle using the spring suspension. The air spring suspension system under the action of the high valve, even if the vehicle changes in the load still can ensure that the body height is basically unchanged, the deviation of frequency is relatively small, thus ensuring the comfort of full load. The air spring can meet different loading and unloading requirements and improve the passing ability of vehicles. It can be seen that the comfort of air spring suspension is about 30% higher than that of leaf spring suspension.
Second. Economy
As far as the life of the tire is concerned, a truck truck with a steel plate spring will be replaced once in 50 thousand kilometers. If it is replaced by an air spring, the tire is usually replaced by 100 thousand kilometers. This will increase the life of the tire by more than 50%. The Canadian research institute has been tracking many logistics companies for many years. It shows that the use of air springs is less 3%~5% than the use of steel spring. The use of air spring suspension system can improve the reliability of the vehicle, reduce the failure rate of the vehicle electrical system, reduce the maintenance cost of the vehicle, prolong the service life of the vehicle, reduce the impact on the road and reduce the cost of the maintenance of the highway. It can be seen that the economic efficiency of air spring suspension is 20% higher than that of leaf spring suspension.
Third, security
For a multi axle vehicle, the air suspension ensures that the load between the axes is uniform, which avoids the single axle load in the spring suspension. For single axis, air suspension basically guarantees that the wheel load on both sides of the vehicle is evenly distributed. The air spring suspension can keep the rolling contact between the tire and the ground as far as possible, and basically achieve the best braking effect. It can be seen that the air spring suspension is more secure than the leaf spring suspension.
Forth, reliability
The parts of the air spring suspension have accepted the harsh laboratory fatigue test and the reliability test under the harsh environment, and have been verified by many customers for many years. The use of air springs can improve the reliability of the chassis and the body electrical apparatus, overcome the rigid contact and friction, not only mitigate the impact between the parts but also greatly improve the reliability of the system. It can be seen that the air spring suspension is more reliable than the leaf spring suspension Del. It
To sum up, we can see why we need to use air springs for damping, rather than using leaf springs for damping.

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Post time: May-25-2018
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