What are the advantages and disadvantages of air spring shock absorbers?

1. advantages and disadvantages:

Air type shock absorber vibration isolation efficiency is the highest vibration isolator, and the effect of the rubber is better than spring, vibration isolation efficiency is very high, small volume, easy to install, disadvantage is the need to check once half a year, If the pressure is small, you need to catch up.

2. Definition of air type shock absorber:

The air spring shock absorber consists of a gas chamber, a rubber elastic diaphragm, and a elastic element of three parts of the support plate. It is an internal air-filled sealed container, which can be used to achieve the vibration isolation purpose by using air.The air spring shock absorber has a low natural frequency (2.6~5.3Hz) and a higher damping ratio (0.06~0.08), so it can obtain a higher vibration isolation efficiency.The air spring shock absorber bears the change of load, the natural frequency of the system is roughly the same, so it has the characteristic of variable stiffness, so it is not necessary to consider the center of gravity in the design of vibration isolation device.Large carrying capacity and light weight.

3. Drawings:

Rear Air Suspension Air Spring

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Post time: Apr-11-2018
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