The treatment method of vehicle rubber air spring meets the fault.

The air spring is an inflatable rubber spring that is filled with compressed air in a flexible sealed container and is elastic through the compressibility of air.Therefore, the air tightness is high.The air spring sealing method is generally two kinds of screw fastening and pressure self-sealing, the former is the use of screws and metal buckles, the capsule is sealed, and the cover plate should be fastened together for sealing.The latter is the use of the internal pressure of the capsule.The airbag’s seal surface is pressed against the cover to seal.


For self-sealing air springs, if the lid and capsule are slightly leaking, generally not treated, or the air is ejected, and then recharged, the air leakage phenomenon can be eliminated.For the use of repeated minor air leakage and severe air leakage, the inspection should be decomposed. If necessary, replace the defective parts or the whole replacement.

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Post time: Apr-11-2018
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