The principle of car air damping

Air damper is the air suspension. The principle is to use the rigidity of the closed air in the air spring to be compressed, that is, as the air spring is continuously compressed, its stiffness gradually increases, and at the same time, its internal gas is compressed with the air spring or Extending and pressing in or out, resulting in an air suspension system with near-ideal dynamic elastic properties.
Main structure of air suspension:
1. The air suspension system includes an air spring, a damper, a guiding mechanism and a vehicle height control system.
2. Air suspension systems generally use a bladder air spring.
3. The damper is mainly used to attenuate the vibration of the body.
4. The guiding mechanism consists of a longitudinal thrust rod and a lateral thrust rod, which are used to transmit the longitudinal force, the lateral force between the vehicle body and the axle, and the torque generated during driving and braking.
5. The vehicle height control system is divided into a mechanical control system and an electronic control system.

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Post time: Dec-20-2018
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