Principle of air spring structure Expertise enhances power performance

With the continuous development of automobile science and technology, more and more advanced technologies are being loaded on automobiles. As a technology that has been commonly used in large passenger cars and high-end automobiles in recent years, air springs have gradually become popular in China.

The air spring is one of the key components used in the air suspension system. It is composed of a rubber airbag, an upper cover plate, a base, an auxiliary air chamber, a clamping ring, a buffer block, and the like, and the interior thereof is filled with compressed gas.

The working principle of the air spring is to inject air into the deformable sealed container, and the elasticity of the spring is achieved through the compressibility of the air. Compared with the metal spring, the air spring has excellent elasticity, and can adjust the air pressure with the change of the load, which greatly improves the comfort of the car during running. At the same time, the air spring can well isolate high-frequency vibrations, enhance ride comfort and reduce noise, and increase the life cycle of parts. Air springs are not laterally rigid, so they must be added when used in a stand-alone suspension system and placed in coiled springs when used in stand-alone suspension systems.

However, the air springs are expensive to produce and are currently used in high-end luxury cars, as well as large passenger cars and railway vehicles. Through electronic control, the suspension system can well deal with the vibration caused by bumpy roads, and it is smooth and natural during driving. At the same time provide a variety of damping settings for the shock absorber to achieve excellent performance of the vehicle can ensure ride comfort when severely controlled; for example, Lexus LS430, Mercedes-Benz S-class and other luxury cars are using air springs as shock absorbers The suspension system of the device.

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Post time: May-09-2018
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