How to choose a suitable industrial air spring?

Started choose the air spring, about the role of the air spring, performance and application fields, etc., seems to be covered with a layer of the veil, about its various aspects are not fully understanding, relying on its own strength and experience to choose to the air spring to meet their needs, not only the difficulty is very high, but also unable to estimate the cost of risk, improper selection air spring not only failed to make the air spring give full play to its performance, more likely because of a parts and brings a series of problems, and even lead to failure.

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Choose the right air spring, mainly divided into the following two situations:

A.Replace damaged air springs under existing conditions.

Under the condition of the replacement of air spring is very simple, if the product is satisfied, then only need to offer our damaged to the company the brand and model of air spring, the models between different brands, but the same product production can replace each other.If there are other requirements for damaged air springs, then you need to send it to the supplier and believe it is easy to find the right product for you.

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2.To improve the production equipment and modify the additional air springs, the following steps are taken to select the air spring:

1. Need to evaluate production site, to see if have modified conditions, first you need to ensure adequate use of space, including the location of the installation height, width and other bearing, the more the required reserve position, place include: no need contact with open flame, to avoid contact with the tool, etc., to evaluate if the scene environment, fully understand the environment of the scene, if has the extreme working conditions, such as: high temperature, low temperature, acid, alkaline, such as environment, also need to contact to ask professional expertise, for the professional level is very exquisite, through I know down, at least I know matt’s customer service personnel of high professional level is very good, also more patience.

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2. Determine the required size of air spring load, bearing capacity of the current domestic air spring is very strong, for example, our air spring a single bearing up to 15 tons, may differ between different brands.Think about bearing capacity, is better to try to uniform distribution, the bearing capacity of 15 tons, for example, if space condition can meet, instead of choosing a 15 tons of air spring, rather than choose five 3 tons, evenly distributed to prevent partial load bearing capacity.

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