How to change the air spring?

The air springs on the truck are more likely to wear out after a long period of use because of the heavy load.

Due to the natural aging of rubber, small cracks will appear along the circumference.

If the fabric layer is exposed in the crack, the air spring needs to be changed in time, regardless of the area size.

So how exactly do you install and replace air springs?


Step 1: press the upper end of the upper end with the thumb of both hands, and then compress the middle part of the air bag, and compress it down to about the width of one finger.


Step 2: place the compressed air spring between the piston and the top plate.

Step 3: attach the lower port to the ring seat on the piston and attach the upper port to the ring seat under the roof.

Protective measures must be taken throughout the installation to support the frame and axle to prevent the body from slipping and causing damage.

Step 4: pressurize the air spring so that its upper and lower ports are precisely positioned between the top plate and the piston.

The port will snap in place quickly.

Step 5: lower the vehicle, the air spring will automatically roll down the piston.

End of installation.

Matters needing attention

1. Clean roof and spring piston, check whether there is burr or rust on the metal parts (replace if necessary).

Apply a soap or tire lubricant to the stop of the piston (not grease).

2. When installing, ensure that the air spring is not damaged, and the sealing surface of the metal parts (cover plate and piston) is not damaged, not rusted and not dirty.

3. Check the old metal piston to indicate whether there is any accumulated dirt, or rust caused by surface abrasion and breakage.

If present, the piston surface should be cleaned in time. If necessary, it should be treated to prevent rust or replace with new metal parts.

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Post time: Apr-26-2018
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