Detailed explanation of the advantages of air spring

The air spring is filled with compressed air in a sealed container, and its elasticity is achieved by the compressibility of the gas. The air spring has ideal nonlinear elastic characteristics. After the height adjustment device is installed, the height of the vehicle does not change with the increase or decrease of the load, and the spring stiffness can be designed to be low and the ride comfort is good. However, the air spring suspension has a complicated structure and high manufacturing cost.


Air spring advantages:

1) The air spring has excellent nonlinear hard characteristics, which can effectively limit the amplitude, avoid resonance and prevent impact. The nonlinear characteristic curve of the air spring can be ideally designed according to actual needs, so that it appears to be lower near the rated load.

The stiffness value.

2) Since the medium used for the air spring is mainly air, it is easy to implement active control.

3) The stiffness k of the air spring changes with the load P, so under different loads, the natural frequency of the vibration isolation system is almost constant, and the vibration isolation effect is almost unchanged.

4) The stiffness of the air spring is adjustable, and the stiffness of the system can be changed by changing the volume of the air chamber or the pressure of the cavity. Regardless of the load capacity, the air pressure can be adjusted as needed to adjust the air spring stiffness, or the auxiliary air chamber can be added to increase the internal volume to reduce the stiffness.

5) For the same size of air spring, when the internal pressure changes, different bearing capacity can be obtained. This allows the same air spring to adapt to a variety of load requirements and is therefore economical. The air spring can withstand a certain lateral load and transmit torque while being subjected to vertical loads.

6) Increasing the total volume of the air spring can reduce the natural frequency of the vibration isolation system, which is a unique advantage of the air spring. The volume of the air spring body is limited by the size of the structure space, and it may not be too large. To reduce the natural frequency of the vibration isolation system, an auxiliary air chamber may be provided, and the auxiliary air chamber may be disposed away from the air spring. The volume of the auxiliary air chamber is increased, that is, the total volume of the air spring is increased, and the natural frequency of the air spring vibration isolation system is lowered.

7) The air spring can use the height control valve system to keep the working height of the air spring under different loads. Similarly, the height control valve can also make the air springs have different heights under a certain load, so that it can adapt to various structural requirements.

8) The air spring can absorb high frequency vibration and has excellent sound insulation performance.

The air spring is mainly composed of a rubber bladder and air. During the vibration process, the rubber bladder has a small internal friction due to expansion and contraction, and it is difficult to transmit high-frequency vibration. Air and rubber do not easily transmit sound, so they have good sound insulation. Steel springs are easy to transmit high-frequency vibrations and easily transmit sound.

9) If an orifice is provided between the air spring main air chamber and the auxiliary air chamber, when the air spring vibrates and deforms, a pressure difference will be generated between the main and auxiliary air chambers, and the air flows through the orifice to absorb a part of the energy due to the resistance. And thus has a damping effect. A suitable throttle aperture can improve the damping characteristics of the vibration isolation system and effectively suppress the resonance amplitude.

10) The air spring is light in weight. In addition to the rubber bladder and the air of almost no weight, the body is the upper and lower covers and is therefore much lighter than steel springs.


Air springs, I think everyone should have seen them, but as far as the principles and advantages are concerned, many people may be confused. Air springs, as the name implies, use springs that exert their effects by air elasticity, so we have nicknamed them “airbags are cylinders.” I don’t know if you noticed the existence of air springs when you took the bus. Generally speaking, air springs are used in larger vehicles such as commercial cars and buses. The information that can be provided to you is so much, I hope to give you some help.

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