Advantages of Air spring

Advantages of Air springĀ :
(1) due to the large vertical flexibility of the air spring, the self vibration frequency of the body can be reduced to less than 1 Hz, and (2) the air spring has nonlinear characteristics and is designed according to the need. It
(3) when the air spring and the high control valve are used, the height of the floor surface can be kept constant under different static loads. (4) the transverse elasticity of the air spring can be used instead of the traditional rocking platform, thus simplifying the structure of the bogie and reducing the weight.
(5) the air spring has good performance in absorbing high frequency vibration and sound insulation. The appropriate throttle ligation is installed between the air spring and the additional air chamber, which can replace the vertical hydraulic shock absorber. Therefore, it has been applied more and more widely in metro vehicles and high speed passenger cars.


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Post time: Jul-14-2018
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