• Post time: Sep-08-2018

    Air suspension is used in place of conventional steel springs in passenger cars, and in heavy vehicle applications such as buses and trucks. It is broadly used on semi trailers and trains (primarily passenger trains). One application was on EMD‘s experimental Aerotrain. The purpose of air s...Legu pli »

  • Post time: Aug-25-2018

    The air spring purchasing season has arrived, we have entered the production peak season. Legu pli »

  • Post time: Jul-26-2018

      Hard working,enjoy playing.We are professional team.Looking for air spring?Just contact me. Legu pli »

  • Post time: Jul-14-2018

    Advantages of Air spring : (1) due to the large vertical flexibility of the air spring, the self vibration frequency of the body can be reduced to less than 1 Hz, and (2) the air spring has nonlinear characteristics and is designed according to the need. It (3) when the air spring and the high co...Legu pli »

  • Post time: Jul-06-2018

    We sold 200,000 air springs last month! Legu pli »

  • Post time: Jun-30-2018

            Legu pli »

  • The company’s monthly activities.
    Post time: Jun-07-2018

    The company’s monthly activities.If you want to buy air springs, please feel free to contact me. Legu pli »

  • Why should the air spring be used for shock absorption?
    Post time: May-25-2018

    When it comes to the word “shock absorption”, we believe we are all familiar with it, especially in the automotive industry. The shock absorber or air bag is an indispensable part of the auto parts. In order to make the car more smooth and comfortable in the course of driving, of cour...Legu pli »

  • Post time: May-15-2018

    1. Air suspension system includes air spring, shock absorber, guide mechanism and body height control system. 2. Air suspension system generally adopts cystic air spring. 3. The shock absorber is mainly used to attenuate the vibration of the body. 4. The guiding mechanism is composed of the longi...Legu pli »

  • Post time: May-09-2018

    With the continuous development of automobile science and technology, more and more advanced technologies are being loaded on automobiles. As a technology that has been commonly used in large passenger cars and high-end automobiles in recent years, air springs have gradually become popular in Chi...Legu pli »

  • Post time: Apr-26-2018

    The air springs on the truck are more likely to wear out after a long period of use because of the heavy load. Due to the natural aging of rubber, small cracks will appear along the circumference. If the fabric layer is exposed in the crack, the air spring needs to be changed in time, regardless ...Legu pli »

  • Post time: Apr-20-2018

    Started choose the air spring, about the role of the air spring, performance and application fields, etc., seems to be covered with a layer of the veil, about its various aspects are not fully understanding, relying on its own strength and experience to choose to the air spring to meet their need...Legu pli »

  • Post time: Apr-11-2018

    1. advantages and disadvantages: Air type shock absorber vibration isolation efficiency is the highest vibration isolator, and the effect of the rubber is better than spring, vibration isolation efficiency is very high, small volume, easy to install, disadvantage is the need to check once half a ...Legu pli »

  • Post time: Apr-11-2018

    The air spring is an inflatable rubber spring that is filled with compressed air in a flexible sealed container and is elastic through the compressibility of air.Therefore, the air tightness is high.The air spring sealing method is generally two kinds of screw fastening and pressure self-sealing,...Legu pli »

  • aero pendado sistemo en aŭto |  komponantoj de aero pendado sistemo en aŭto |  laborante de aero pendado sistemo
    Post tempo: Jan-04-2018

    Kio estas aero pendado? Aero pendado estas uzata por subteni la veturilo sur la aksoj kun organizo de aero sakoj anstataŭ ŝtalo printempo, folio aŭ tordo aŭ bobeno fontoj. La aero sakoj estas ankaŭ deklaris kiel fuelle. Pendadoj kun ŝtalo aŭ tordo printempo kaj aldonis per la uzo de aera ba ...Legu pli »

  • Aero Springs Informoj
    Post tempo: Jan-04-2018

    Aero fontoj enhavas kolumnon de aero en elastomeric Bellow aŭ maniko provizi pendado, izolado, aŭ actuation. Kutimaj en veturilo pendado sistemoj, foje kune kun bobeno printempo, ili estas ankaŭ uzata por izoli vibro en maŝinaro kaj kiel lineara aŭ angula Actua ...Legu pli »

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